United India Liability Policy
United India Liability Policy


United India Liability Policy Claims

1 Claims
1.1 24 x 7 Claim Support
1.1.1 Contact Number
1.1.2 Track Online
No Liability Policy Two Wheeler Insurance has it !
1.2 Cashless Garages
50% Liability Policy Two Wheeler Insurance have it !
1.3 Garage Cash
50% Liability Policy Two Wheeler Insurance have it !
1.4 Claim Settlement Duration
Magma HDI Two W..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Bharati AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Claims
1.5 Documents Required
1.5.1 Theft Claims
Not Applicable
1.5.2 Third Party Claims
Claim Form dully signed, Copy of Driving License, Police Panchnama/ FIR, Policy/ Cover copy, RC Copy of the Vehicle
1.5.3 Accidental Claims
Not Applicable

United India 24 x 7 Claim Support

Using United India 24 x 7 Claim Support, you can register your claim from anywhere at any time. It is one of the important feature About United India Liability Policy. In addition to this, it also gives you a benefit of online tracking through which you can check the status of your lodged claim. For this plan, online tracking is not available.

Documents Required By United India Liability Policy

Various kinds of documents are required to file a United India claims. This requirement depends on the type of claim made by the policy holder. There are three types of claims that can be made- theft claims, third party claim and accidental claim. While lodging a claim it is essential for you to provide the required documents. The important documents usually needed to register any of the above claims are form dully signed, police report, RC copy of the vehicle and policy/ cover copy.

United India Facilities

United India facilities may include cashless garage or garage cash. Cashless garages mean the repair charges are directly settled by the insurer with the network garage. If one repairs his vehicle outside the cashless garage network then he needs to pay for repairs. Latter on he can ask for the reimbursement by the insurance company for the same. It should be noted that the insurance firm will make the payment only for the insured parts of the vehicle under policy depending on the depreciation rates. For remaining uncovered parts, policy holder has to pay from his own pocket.

Under United India Liability Policy claims, cashless garage facility is available. In addition to cashless garage, some insurers also provide garage cash to the policy holder. Basically it is an add on Cover. Garage cash is a daily allowance given while your vehicle is under repairs at the garage. For this plan, garage cash is not available.

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